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LIBERTY International. Aviation obstruction lights. Designing, production, sale.

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LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL is a company founded in 2001, specialized in design and manufacturing low, medium and high intensity obstruction lights (types A, B and C), as well as obstruction lights control and monitoring systems.

Aviation obstruction lights of low and medium intensity are intended for high-rise objects twilight light protection (marking).

Light Marking Solutions for:

·         Tall buildings;

·         Telecommunication towers;

·         Water towers;

·         Chimneys;

·         Power lines;

·         Cooling towers;

·         Cranes.

Presently LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL is a leader in the field of low and medium intensity obstruction lights manufacture and high-rise objects twilight indication control systems on Russian and Eastern European markets.

We maintain a flawless reputation and offer high-quality innovative solutions. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists with in-depth knowledge of national and international standards, norms and recommendations, such as ICAO, FAA, IAC, CAP, ENAC.

We provide our customers with different technological solutions, aid in revealing uncertainty factors, promote technical and normative requirements understanding, care about optimization of customer’s expenses for obstruction lights purchase and maintenance.

Our produce was developed with consideration of business cases from the best specialists in the field of telecommunications, construction and power-engineering. Our goal is to provide the market with optimum and effective solutions in the form of modern and reliable equipment, living up to all needs and expectations.

LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL aviation obstruction lights were developed as a result of many years efforts of our close-knit professional team. Before launching new products into mass production, they undergo thorough analysis, with consideration of all technical and market factors. We create an optimum offer of the highest quality.

All of our products are a carefully planned marketing move, considering customers wishes, modern technical requirements, competitors’ flaws and our innovations.

We are adamant of our produce quality and provide a ten years warranty term for specific low intensity obstruction lights models.

We offer modern high-quality equipment, excellent customer support, broad assortment of aviation obstruction lights and attractive prices.

We value long-term partnership relations, and offer cooperation to trading organizations worldwide. We aid in order customs processing to facilitate end-user delivery.

LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL obstruction lights are well-known to a broad spectrum of customers in Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Middle East Countries, Latin America and Africa. Our equipment quality is valued by many well-known companies, leading construction and electric-engineering enterprises. Hundreds of companies worldwide trust and choose our produce.  

Ever growing worldwide competition resulted in tightening the requirements of our produce quality. LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL is an enterprise with an established complex quality control system, according to international standards, such as ISO 9001.

International standards and regulations.

ICAO is the international body responsible for drawing up recommendations for the safety of air transport. The Convention on International Civil Aviation, Annex
14 Volume I "Aerodrome Design and Operations" includes Chapter 6 "visual aids for denoting obstacles" which gives guidance concerning the need to provide safety marking on structures that may be considered to be a hazard to air traffic.
Download "Annex 14 Volume I" (1911.69 KB)

FAA is the authority in the United States of America responsible for the regulations of aviation light systems. The document AC 70/7460-1K "obstruction marking and lighting" gives guidance concerning the need to provide safety marking on structures that may be considered to be a hazard to air traffic.
Download "AC 70/7460-1K" (2683.65 KB)

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